• All firearms (to include air guns) must be registered with Fort Hunter Liggett (FHL) Police Department prior to entering FHL.
  • A copy of the FHL Firearms Permit must be retained by the person in possession of the firearm at all times when on FHL for authorized activities and presented to law enforcement personnel upon request.
  • UPDATE: Because of temporary admin staffing issues, register only the firearms that you plan to use at FHL in the next 90 days. Register at most 5 firearms at one time.
  • UPDATE: Your FHL Firearm Registration does not expire. When updating your firearm registration form, list only the firearms you have not previously registered. The Visitor Control Center will email you a complete list of all the firearms you have registered (your FHL Firearms Permit).
  • UPDATE: A hunter may use a firearm that is on another hunter's FHL Firearms Permit, if they are in lawful possession of that firearm, but they must possess a copy of the FHL Firearms Permit that lists that firearm.
  • Hunting firearm registration and enforcement is a Police Department process and function. The Hunt & Fish Program does NOT handle, process, or track firearms registration.
  • Firearms used by minors must be registered to their adult sponsor. 
  • It is your responsibility to comply with this and all FHL requirements to hunt or fish on FHL. Failure to do so may result in administrative (e.g., loss of FHL privileges) or criminal procedures, or both.
  • There is no registration for archery equipment.


To access the FHL Firearms Registration Form, select the link: Hunting Firearms Registration Form. The completed Firearms Registration Form may be emailed or mailed to the contact below.

Directorate of Emergency Services
ATTN: Firearms Registration
P.O. Box 893
Fort Hunter Liggett, California 93928-0893

VCC Hunter Line: 831-386-3875