Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Isn't Fort Hunter Liggett for military training?

ANSWER: Yes. U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett is first and foremost for training our Soldiers. However, under the discretion of the Garrison Commander, limit hunting and fishing opportunities can be made available after consideration of the military mission, garrison operations, safety, fiscal constraints, and legal compliance.

FAQ 2: Who can Hunt or Fish on Fort Hunter Liggett?

ANSWER: ​FHL Hunt and Fish Program is open to the public. Anyone with a valid California Hunting or Fishing License, an iSportsman account, and passes a criminal background check is eligible to buy a permit.

FAQ 3: What are the rules & regulations for hunting on FHL?

ANSWER: ​FHL follows and enforces all California Fish and Game laws and regulations, including fish and game seasons, bag/harvest limits, and required tags and/or stamps. When the FHL mission requirements allows, fishing is available daily and hunting is typically available weekends and federal holidays. 

FAQ 4: Do I need to register my firearms with FHL?

ANSWER: Yes. All firearms must be registered through the Visitor Control Center (VCC). The firearms registration form can be found here and should be sent to the VCC at:

FAQ 5: Can I bring a guest when I hunt?

ANSWER: Yes. Guest who are 18 years old and older will need to be vetted by FHL law Enforcement at the Visitor Control Center (VCC), watch and acknolwedge their UXO Safety Brief and Orientation Brief through iSportsman, and purchase a guest pass through their iSportsman account before they are allowed access to FHL. Guests under 18 years old do not need a guest permit or background check.

FAQ 6: Are there discounts available for Disabled Veterans?

ANSWER: Yes. There are also discounts available for California Recovering Service Members and Junior Hunters.