FHL Hunting & Fishing Photo Gallery Submission

Do you have photos from your FHL hunting or fishing trip you would like to share?  Email us your photos for consideration in the FHL H&F Photo Gallery.

All Submissions Must Include:

  1. Names of person(s) in photo and hometown 
  2. Photo Date
  3. Hunt Areas or Reservoir
  4. Type of Game
  5. Written Consent -- From either the parent or legal guardian of the person in the photo (if under age 18), or from the person in the photo (if 18 or older) by including the sentence, "I give permission for the FHL H&F Program to publish this photo" in the body of your email.

File sizes should be 2 MB or less and between 400 to 1000 pixels wide in JPG, TIF, PNG, GIF or BMP format. Send only 1 or 2 photos per email.

Feel free to include any additional facts or stories that makes the photos meaningful that you wish to share like:
     * Hunt Season or Tag (e.g., J-10 Apprentice Deer Hunt, 326 Muzzleloader Elk Hunt)
     * First Pig, First Deer Hunt, First with Bow
     * Other Statistics (Weight, Antler Points and/or Spread, Beard Length, Weapon Used)

Picture Submissions Standards:

  • Photos submitted must be of animals legally taken by California Fish and Game Code with any required tags filled-out and attached, and the harvest has been reported to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, if required.
  • Animals in photos must be displayed with proper respect in a tasteful, presentable manner.
  • Firearms in photos must be placed in a proper and safe manner. Check your firearm position before taking photo. 

Photography Tips:

  • Take photos in the field before you field dress the animal. If the photos are taken after the animal is field dressed, please clean up as much as possible, and try to clean blood off your clothes and yourself.
  • Take photos where there’s a natural backdrop like grasslands or woods. 
  • Keep the light in the face of the subject and on the animal (i.e., sun at the photographer’s back) making sure hats don’t shade the face and the photographer's shadow is out of the view.
  • Fill the viewfinder with your subject and harvest. Avoid having too much vacant space.

Not all photos or information submitted may get posted or used.