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Nice buck!
Bull C. of Bakersfield with a beautiful 3x3 harvested from Hunt Area 27 during the J-10 Junior Deer hunt (3 OCT 2021)


First Rio Grande Wild Turkey!!!
Michael B. of Fort Irwin takes this nice tom during the spring season (11 APR 2021) 
Second hog this season!
Wojo K. of Long Beach with a sow from Hunt Area 27 (24 APR 2021)


"My first pig!"
Wojo K. of Long Beach with a nice sow from Hunt Area 13W (30 DEC 2020)


Look at those cutters!
Rafael M. of King City with this hefty and toothy wild pig from Hunt Area 25 (28 DEC 2020)


A very special Christmas!
Holly S. of Bryson-Hesperia with her beautiful 6x6 elk, her first bull, harvested during the #447 hunt (25 DEC 2020)


Just in time for Thanksgiving!
Aaron K., Jacob D., and Jesus M. (left to right) each with turkey hens from Hunt Area 16A (21 NOV 2020)


First muzzleloader buck!
Skye G. from Bryson-Hesperia showing off a nice wide 2x2 from the J10 Junior deer hunt (10 OCT 2020)


Successful A-Zone Buck Hunt!
Sargis K. with a 2x2 buck from Hunt Area 8 (9 AUG 2020)


Nice Bass!
Austin F. of Lockwood with a 7.1 lb largemouth bass from Hughes Reservoir (7 JUN 2020)



Beautiful Bird
Sargis K. with a nice tom turkey taken from Hunt Area 2 (2 MAY 2020)


What a hog!
Petros K. with a nice pig from Hunt Area 13W (18 APR 2020)


Birds in the Blooms
Petros K. (left) and Matevos K. (right) showing off nice birds from a green and blooming Hunt Area 7A (18 APR 2020)


"Great day spent outdoors with family"
BreeAnn and Marty L. of Hanford with their daughter show off the pair nice toms they got during spring season (4 APR 2020)



Caught and Released
Leo H. of Greenfield catches this nice bass at Del Venturi (28 MAR 2020)

Brings in a fatty during "a great day of fishing"
Octavio T. catches a nice 7-lb bass out of Del Venturi (15 MAR 2020)


Fur and Feathers
Russel M. of Watsonville shown with a nice pig ("133 lbs hanging at the butcher") and several quail he got in Hunt Area 26 (23 DEC 2019)

Making Dad Proud
Peyton K. of Paso Robles bags a beauty 3x3 opening morning of the J-10 Junior Hunt (5 OCT 2019) 

"Happy about his eye guards"
Joey G. of Hollister gets this nice 2x2 during the J-10 Junior Deer Hunt (13 OCT 2019)

A Deer and a Pig! 
Kylee D. of Bradley bags a forky and pig (shown with June F.) during the J-10 Junior Deer Hunt (6 OCT 2019)

First Buck and it's a 4x4!
TJ from San Jose harvests this beauty 4x4 with a 20 1/2" spread during the J-10 Junior Hunt (5 OCT 2019)

"Very happy young man!"
Trent N. of Clovis takes this nice 147-lbs field dressed 3x2 during the J-10 Junior Hunt (6 OCT 2019)

First Pig!
Brain R. of Santa Barbara gets his first wild pig with a black powered muzzleloader in Hunt Area 11 (25 AUG 2019)

First Big Game!
 Karen M. of Santa Maria and her proud husband Ryan are shown with her first big game harvest, a 7x9, 521-lb field dressed elk (15 DEC 2018)  

A longtime in between
Richard M. (shown with Casey & John) gets the 2nd elk (7x8) of his life. The first was some 30 years ago (19 DEC 2018)   

An Early Christmas Gift
Chris L. of Livermore takes his first elk (6x7) ever during the 326 Muzzleloader hunt (20 DEC 2018)


"Awesome Hunt"
Bobby H. of Santa Maria harvested a beauty 9x7 tule elk during the 326 Muzzleloader hunt (17 DEC 2018)

A lot to be thankful for... 
Robert P. of Paso Robles harvests a 280-lb field dressed elk cow during the Thanksgiving holiday 450 Archery Antlerless Elk Hunt (25 NOV 2018)

Turkey with a Bow!
Steven A. of Grove Beach takes a his first wild turkey (~18lbs with a 9" beard) with a bow out of Hunt Area 29 (29 APR 2018) 

Nice Bull
Mike G. of Waco gets his first elk (7x7) on opening day of the 449 Either-Sex Archery Elk Hunt (13 AUG 2018)

It's a two for...
Tom P. of Trabuco Canyon takes a nice 7x7 tule and pig opening day of the 449 Either-Sex Archery Elk Hunt (13 AUG 2018)