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iSportsman Hunting & Fishing Portal
All hunters and anglers are required to go through this portal to access the privilege of hunting and fishing at FHL.

iSportsman (iSportsman.net) is a web-based system used at more than 35 Department of Defense facilities to manage recreational hunting and fishing (H&F). FHL iSportsman (fthunter.iSportsman.net) is accessible by computer or smart phone.

In addition to permit sales, FHL iSportsman is where you will check area availability, check-in/-out of areas, report game harvested or fish caught, and more.

You must have an iSportsman account to buy permits. All purchases are through your account online with a major credit or debit card. Cash, checks or money orders are not accepted. To properly use iSportsman, it is important that you read and understand the educational materials available from this website.

Need help? Select on the guides below

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Harvest Reporting Guide_


Check-in through your account starts 2:00pm (pst) the day before
Early check-in does NOT ALLOW EARLY ENTRY into Hunt Areas or Fishing Ponds. Access is not permitted until two hours before sunrise per FHL Regulation 420-26. Those found accessing areas prior are subject to criminal and adminstrative penalities.

Remember your Vehicle Windshield Pass
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Also available in "Vehicle Pass" under "My Account" in the blue bar near the top of this Homepage

For future hunting and fishing opportunities, select below

_Forecast Maps_
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Isn't Fort Hunter Liggett for military training?

Yes. U.S. Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett is first and foremost for training our Soldiers. However, under the discretion of the Garrison Commander, limit hunting and fishing opportunities can be made available after consideration of the military mission, garrison operations, safety, fiscal constraints, and legal compliance.

Who can hunt or fishing on Fort Hunter Liggett?

FHL's Hunting and Fishing Program is open to the public. Anyone with a valid California Hunting or Fishing License, an iSportsman account, and passes a criminal background check is eligible to buy a permit. 

How do I get a Fort Hunter Liggett Hunting or Fishing Permit?

Read the “Steps to Obtain a Permit” found by selecting the link below

_Steps to Obtain a Permit_

Also available under the “My Account” tab in the blue bar near the top of this Homepage.

Fort Hunter Liggett Hunting & Fishing Program

Directorate of Public Work
Environmental Division, Conservation Branch
P.O. Box 7091
Fort Hunter Liggett, California 93928

Updated: 31 August 2018